About Me

My name is Dave Novis

  Driving Instructor since 1993.


 77% PASS RATE ON 28th JULY 2022

I always try to get people through their

driving test first time !!!

As I find not only are they more

likely to talk about it to...

Friends / Relatives / Workmates Etc....

AS Word of Mouth is VERY

Important in this Business


I always teach to a very high standard,

so that not only does the prospective candidate pass their Test First Time.

They also will learn A life skill that will hopefully keep them safe on today's

Congested Roads.

Have fun learning!

Although learning to drive has a serious side (Obviously!!!)

I also like to try & keep the lessons

fun and enjoyable.

The way driving should be!!!

Feeling Comfortable & Relaxed

Please call for more information

Contact...Us... 07956 134033

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